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Friday, 04 April 2014
Atari needs no longer to be presented. Originally at the beginning of the 70’s, it was a pioneer in the industry of video gaming in the USA. After coming very close to disappear in 2013, this company was taken back by Frédéric Chesnais, who presides also as the CEO. Nowadays,

Atari, in search of new fame and concerned to have a place in the great market of casino games, is going to count on social games of online casino roulette live. From the next autumn, internet users keens of free online casino games will have the possibility to make a visit on Atari Casino on Facebook, iOS and Android. The purpose of the company Atari Casino is to have its own signature on the universe of virtual casino gaming, but without money in the beginning. For that purpose, Atari united with FlowPay. The latter will undertake to develop in the next coming months, while Atari will ensure afterward the marketing.
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Thursday, 03 April 2014
The Chinese businessman Lui Che Woo intends to widen his empire by counting on Galaxy and becoming the operator number two of this sector of casino in Macau. For Belgium casino online, it’s not something new. For this octogenarian, Macau is an important lever so that his businesses would be expanded in the next coming years. His purpose is to quadruple the income of Galaxy Macau. Always remaining on the lookout of opportunities, Lui Che Woo doesn’t settle himself of the local market in Macau or in Asia, the USA also are in his line of sight.

In this country, the market is vast and has huge potentials in term of casino. The gaming revenue in the USA has always been constant since many years. During an interview on the channel Bloomberg, he is also interested in individual properties. But, casino is his field. In all ways, Lui Che Woo has the assets to compete with operators of casino games with bonus well positioned on the market.
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