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Friday, 23 May 2014
As everyone knows, the tycoon of casino Sheldon Adelson has been leading since a few years a vast campaign against the casino online free bonus. He uses huge financial means to reach this purpose. But the extremely rich businessman counts also on his wide network composed of politicians in order to materialize his project. His group of pressure works in the shade and seems to have more members these last times.

But his playing field isn’t casino games only. Adelson is also omnipresent in policy. In 2012, he paid more than $90 million in Republican’s presidential campaigns. In Florida, he has given hundreds of thousand dollars to policy committees which have supported the governor Rick Scott. That’s not all. He has also given $ 2 million to the Association of Republican governors, without forgetting the million other candidates as general prosecutor and aspiring to other political posts of the State of the USA.
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Thursday, 22 May 2014
In terms of rules, the War Game is an easy casino game. It is known under the name Battle and it’s a family table game. It consists of opposing the players to the bank by showing cards alternately and determining the winner according to the importance of the card. Each card has its own value: the ace is the most important card, then the king, the queen, the jack, the ten and so on. The player who has the most important card will be the winner. Within an online casino or a land-based casino, the minimum down payment is €10 in a War Game, and not more than seven players can play around a table.

At the beginning of the game, two decks of 52 cards are mixed by the croupier, cut by a player, and then placed in a hoof mixer. When the bets are gathered, the croupier distributes one card for each player and the visible bank. The player who has betted “Tie” and who has a card of the same value as the bank wins ten times his bets. If two players have cards of the same value, they can opt for a battle by making a new gamble with the initial bet, or they can abandon and fail. In a battle, the croupier burns a card, gives one to the player, then burns another card and gives one to the next player or to himself. And the player who has the most important card will be the winner.
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Thuesday, 20 May 2014
The web is full of casinos and virtual game rooms. The advantage is that players can have a large choice of games. They can choose the online casino that matches to their expectation and corresponds to their personality. Nevertheless, be careful because some online addresses are not all truthful. It is not hard for the hackers to thieve your personal information by using your player online account. It is all the more so easier for the hackers to pirate your online bank account by using the information you provided while you have registered. For all these reasons, the choice of the online casino is crucial even if it suggest you interesting free bet without deposit.

What you need to do to avoid hustler in the universe of online games is to opt for a well known address which reputation is well established. Avoid all addresses that belong to an unknown company and that do not have precise address. Choose an online casino which activity practices are controlled by an independent agency. To avoid hustlers, it is prudent to trust only on the owners of gaming license casinos. The gaming license is legally delivered by the Authority of Regulation of online games.
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